Our training program is based on a trusting relationship. We work "with the horse", letting each individual set the pace. We have found that by working this way, our horses are quiet, willing, and responsive. We use a lot of techniques, some as old as the relationship between man and horse itself, some as new as the moment.

We handle our horses from birth, always teaching as we love them. Even something as simple as leading into a stall becomes a training session that is geared towards the day when we will set foot into the stirrup.

During their lives our horses are exposed to as many different things as we can think of to help them to relax and accept even the scariest of obstacles with confidence. The objects we use and the manner we use them allow the horse to use it's natural curiosity to overcome it's fear. It is all done with Patience, Acceptance and Trust. We "pat" our horses. You should "pat" yours too.



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